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Corporate & SME Broadband Internet

The days of dial-up access are numbered. Technology has progressed and taken a quantum leap towards Broadband technologies. Creating opportunities never thought possible in the past.

In today’s competitive environment, slow connectivity is not enough. It has to be uninterrupted, error free ,secure and efficient connectivity. Which is why, when it comes to Internet Backbone for growing companies and worry free customers , WaveWire Wirefree Broadband Internet is the right choice.

Why choose WaveWire ? Capped prices, reliability, availability and locally managed service enjoinment.

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What is Peak and OFF-Peak Data Allowance ?

It's a timing for DATA using internet service to control violence crunching of internet traffic. Peak means from 8:00AM to 9:00PM and OFF-Peak means from 9:00Pm to 8:00AM. SO, users have data usage limit in terms of Peak and off-peak.

Peak Data Access Time : 8:00 AM to 9:00PM
OFF Data Access Time : 9:00PM to 8:00AM

What Type of Hardware Or Connection I Get From WaveWire ?

Wave works with your current system directly on LAN without any router or extra hardware. also Wave also provide or setup Office or Campus- WiFi System on Affordable cost to convert your Office into Wifi Office to access wave internet broadband anywhere around your Office and attach as many Gadgets as you want.

Also Last-Mile connection availability depends upon Area and Location but 98% wave can connect your site as per requirement or already connected with latest fiber or wireless technology so you need to just give us a call to convert your slow digital life into high standard social digital life and enhance digital experience with Wavewire high speed internet broadband speed.

How Much Installation I Need to Pay ?

WaveWire starting their infrastructure development process to convert entire city into MIMO 4G capacity technology to give Broadband internet customer's better access of high speed, reliable and affordable internet service without any worry about fiber breakdown or cable cut.

Installation charges depends upon location. However we have flexible installation charge table below so please refer below information and if you have any query please call us, we for sure work out for solution.

Description Charges
Monthly Payment Plan
Full Installation( 50% Credit after 3 Month + 50% credit after 4Month)
Quarterly Payment Plan
50 % Installation (Refund Credit after 3 Month)
Half Yearly Payment
Free Installation + 15 % Discount on Total 6 month Billing
Yearly Payment
Free Installation +25% Discount on Total+ Free Home WIFI KIT

What Is Broadband Speed Means?

Wavewire always trying to maintain Ratio about Broadband as per Telecom standard but its our responsibility to provide our client information about broadband ratio(1:8).

Every ISP using " UPTO " word because in as per broadband terms service provider never committed speed ratio in broadband and also client not claim anything about it because its completely depends on ISP server and router traffic, your area node traffic and 50% your system due to registry or maintenance issues.

SO, Client need to understand that ISP gives you access high speed but if traffic increase at any point your internet speed will automatically share and there is no speed commitment in speed. As per WaveWire point of view we suggest our all client to download first any download accelator such as INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER and then check your speed.

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We're Proud of our service reliability, providing high speed node.
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With our expertise, remote locations can receive superior broadband services.

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